Statewide Human Traffciking Task Force members:   


United States  I.C.E special Agent in Charge of the Office of investigations 

Phone:  1866- 347-2423


Russell J. Curley
Deputy Attorney General of New Jersey
Department of Law and Public Safety
Phone: 609-984-6500


Elie Honing

Division Of Criminal Justice Director

Major Crimes Bureau/Human Trafficking
Phone: 609-984-6500
Fax: 609-984-2995

Report Crime and Corruption: 1866- TIPS-4CJ


 United States Department of Health and Human Services

Human Trafficking Hotline

24/7 : 888-373-7888


United States Department of Labor

Trafficking in person and Working Exploitation Task Force Line



 F.B.I Human Trafficking Unit

Phone:  973- 792-3000


Catholic Social Services Philadelphia

Special Immigrant Populations Project

Phone: 215.854.7010

Debbie Marulanda


Polaris Project


 Covenant House New Jersey

973- 286-3544