El Salvador To Set-Up Human Trafficking Council

26.09.2011 11:02

Inside CostaRica' Daily English News Source / Sunday 25 September 201

San Salvador - El Salvador will establish a National Council against Human Trafficking to assist the victims of the crime.

Manuel Melgar, Minister of Justice and Security, said it is hard to determine the extent of this scourge, but earlier legal action numbers the cases tried in more than 300.

The government brass said President Mauricio Funes will officially inaugurate the Council on returning Saturday from the 66th UN General Assembly in New York.

It consists of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Education, Health, the Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Institute for the Development of Women (ISDEMU).

The UN defines trafficking in humans as forcing a human -through abduction, threats, cheating or fraud- to engage in sexual, labor or any other form of slavery, reminds the Salvadoran media today.