Pact with my Heart



Pact With my Heart:

  • I will categorically reject all forms of exploitation that come from human trafficking.
  • I will inform myself about all forms of human trafficking and share this information with my family, community and in my work place.
  • I will not involve myself in activities that may indirectly or directly be involved with sexual or labor exploitation or other forms of human trafficking.
  • I will not obtain or consume products or services from people or establishments that keep others in slavery.
  • I will provide assistance to a victim or potential victim of trafficking in the case that I have contact with that person.
  • I will tell the proper authorities about any activity that could be related to human trafficking.
  • I will promote all activities whose objective is to sensitize, inform, make aware and educate about the grave crime of human trafficking.
  • I will participate in the Blue Heart campaign activities that are organized in my community.
  • To demonstrate my solidarity with victims of trafficking, I will display the Blue Heart en the products and services that I offer, and will promote the campaign to my networks and contacts.
  • I will spread the message, "Human beings are not for sale."


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