Earlier this summer, knowledge and content provider LexisNexis unveiled its Human Trafficking Awareness Index (HTA Index) to track and analyze the volume of news articles related to human trafficking. LexisNexis says the aim of the Index is to provide a valuable tool for campaigners looking to raise awareness of human trafficking on an ongoing basis.


Using a licensed collection of almost 6,000 of the most influential news sources from more than 120 countries, the HTA Index highlights emerging trends and patterns of awareness within and across national borders. Activists working to combat human trafficking can use this information to highlight and raise awareness to inform their efforts and gain greater understanding of the news.


"Human trafficking is a despicable and unjust exploitation of vulnerable people and is a direct consequence of the absence of the rule of law," said Judy Vezmar, LexisNexis International Chief Executive. "We hope that this tool will support campaigners in their continuing fight against trafficking."


Human trafficking is an escalating crime across the world and is now considered as lucrative as drugs smuggling and arms dealing. According to the Human Trafficking Foundation, there are more people in slavery today than in the entire 350-year history of the slave trade in the U.K.


LexisNexis have historically supported organizations working to end human trafficking, including the Somaly Mam Foundation, and publishes the Human Trafficking Handbook, the definitive legal guide to preventing trafficking.


As well as releasing the Index, LexisNexis have also produced infographics and a report analysing awareness levels since 2010 to help activists to understand how they can use the service. The HTA Index will be published on a monthly basis, free to access, and available on the Nexis websitehttps://www.nexis.co.uk/humantrafficking.php.