UN.GIFT launches Harvard study

30.04.2012 12:35


UN.GIFT launches Harvard study

UN.GIFT is launching the results of an in-depth policy analysis exercise conducted by graduate students at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. The report, entitled "Global Gap Analysis of Knowledge Management Systems", assesses how UN.GIFT's activities to combat human trafficking could be enhanced through increased consultation with NGOs and improved knowledge management strategies.


Authors Alejandra Vargas Garcia and Rozanne Larsen write "…traffickers quickly adjust their tactics to subvert laws and response strategies. Stakeholders in the anti-trafficking field struggle to adequately respond to these changing tactics. In order to achieve its goals, the anti-human trafficking sector needs to improve their practices of information-sharing among and across sectors, countries, regions, and organizations through the use of effective knowledge management techniques."


Their research took them from UN.GIFT's headquarters in Vienna to NGO offices in the United States, Moldova, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The report provides an in-depth assessment of current knowledge sharing efforts and provides concrete recommendations on how to increase cooperation between UN.GIFT and other organizations working to combat human trafficking.


To read the report, click on the image below.